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William Beeching

William Beeching
Date of birth: 
Sunday, 22 June 1913
Marital status: 
Regina, Saskatchewan
university: economics, accounting, stenography
Political affiliation: 
Communist Party of Canada, 1936; Young Communist League, 1936; Expelled from the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation
Affiliations to union and social groups: 
Involved in various strikes and pickets; Involved in the Regina Riot
Involvement in On-to-Ottawa Trek: 
Participated in the On-to-Ottawa Trek.
Prior military experience: 
Militia 1932, 3 months
Approximate date arrived in Spain: 
Lincoln-Washington Battalion; Guard duty in Albacete; Guarded transportation of money to Barcelona
Final status: 

Survived; Returned to Canada on the Duchess of Richmond, February 1939; Interned in Canada 1940-42; Served in the Canadian army in 1943; Involved with the MacPap Veterans Association; Visited Spain with Veterans Delegation September 1979; died 1990

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