Jules Pekka Paivio

Alternate name(s): 
Pauli Koponen; Airio
Date of birth: 
Monday, 30 April 1917
Marital status: 
Canadian; Finnish
Sudbury, Ontario; Mattawa, Ontario
Political affiliation: 
Young Communist League, 1930, unit secretary; Joined the Communist Party in Spain
Affiliations to union and social groups: 
Finnish organizations
Approximate date arrived in Spain: 
1937-03-13 arrived
Abraham Lincoln Battalion; Mackenzie Papineau Battalion; Lieutenant; Served at Jarama, Brunete, then to Officers' Training School, promoted to teniente; Commander of the Non Commissioned Officer school
Final status: 

Capture on 1 (or 3 or 4) April 1938; Imprisoned at San Pedro de Cardeña; Exchanged 5 April 1939; Survived; Returned to Canada 6 May 1939 on the Duchess of Bedford; Served in the Canadian Army during World War II, teaching map reading skills; Mackenzie Papineau Veterans Association (Toronto); Visited Spain with the Veterans Delegation in in September 1979; Later became an architect and directed construction of the Ottawa monument to the Mac Paps; Died 4 September 2013 as the last surviving member of the Mackenzie Papineau Battalion


He wrote a testimony about his experience as a prisoner of war at San Pedro de Cardeña; Paivio's story, including the story of his father Aku Paivio's poem, "To My Son in Spain," is told in the documentary To My Son In Spain


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