John Oscar Bloom

Jean Oscar Bloom
Alternate name(s): 
Jean; Blum; Asselson; Alms; Orville; Oselson; Orville
Date of Birth: 
circa 1913
Edmonton, Alberta
Political affiliation: 
Young Communist League, 1933; Communist Party of Canada, 1933
Prior military experience: 
Militia, possibly Calgary Regiment
Approximate date arrived in Spain: 
Abraham Lincoln Battalion
Final status: 
KIA 6 July 1937 at Brunete in the first assault out of the trenches

A description of Bloom's death appears in The Book of the XV Brigade:

The Canadians, although hardly more than a Section in strength at Brunete, proved themselves worthy of their traditions. The Mackenzie-Papineau Section of the Lincoln-Washington Battalion soon became known among the men as the Fighting Canucks.

The terrain over which the Section attacked at Villanueva de la Cañada was raked by fire. John Oscar Bloom, 24 year old volunteer from Edmonton dashed first into the attack shouting: "Come on, Mackenzie-Papineau!", and was killed instantaneously. (148)


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