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Ivan Andreeff

Ivan Andreeff
Alternate name(s): 
Andrejev; Dandreev; Andreiev; John; Atanas; Jan
Date of birth: 
Monday, 26 December 1910
Marital status: 
Macedonian; Bulgarian
Toronto, Ontario; Drenoveny, Greece (Macedonia)
Date of immigration to Canada: 
Monday, 7 April 1930
Political affiliation: 
Communist Party of Canada, 1931
Affiliations to union and social groups: 
Canadian Labor Defence League; American Federation of Labour
Approximate date arrived in Spain: 
Served in the Artillery 1st Slavic Group, 3rd Battery, Cook; Served at Brunete July 15 to August 1937; Pozo Blanco August to September 15, 1937; and Talvera for 2 weeks to September 28, 1938
Final status: 
Survived; Returned to Canada February 11, 1939, on the Duchess of Bedford; MacPap Veterans Association (Toronto); died July 11, 1999, in Etobicoke, ON.
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