2.3 Ed Cecil-Smith

Ed Cecil-Smith

Part 1 of our interview with Tyler Wentzell, military historian and legal scholar. Wentzell talks about Ed Cecil-Smith, a Canadian volunteer, commanding officer in the International Brigades, and significant member of the Communist Party in Canada. He is also the subject of Wentzell's forthcoming book. 

Photo from the Tamiment Library.

1.4 Protest and Print

Andrea Hasenbank joins us to talk about pamphlet culture radical movements throughout the 1930s, and traces a pretty compelling trajectory from Canadian leftist parties and organizations, through the Second World War and the building of the social welfare state and into our present (more dire) times. She reminds us how hard we have to fight for an equitable and democratic society, and how capitalism and austerity operate to undo and erase that work.


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