Jovan T. Djajic

Alternate name(s): 
Ivan; John; Johan T.; Dajic; Gjaic; Djaic; Djajick; Djoich; Daic; Conc; Canc
Date of birth: 
Monday, 14 September 1903
Marital status: 
forestry worker; miner; road repair
Timmins, Ontario; Orahovac, Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzgovina
Date of immigration to Canada: 
Thursday, 3 May 1928
Political affiliation: 
Communist Party of Canada, 1933
Prior military experience: 
military service in Yugoslavia
Approximate date arrived in Spain: 
1937-06-01 arrived
14 Army Corps; 129 Brigade, Petko Miletic anti-tank battery, Company Commissar; Attended political schools; 45 Division, Battalion Divisionario, Anti-Tanks, Chief of Group
Final status: 

Survived; Returned to Canada 3 February 1939 on the Duchess of Richmond; Returned to Yugoslavia; Died in Belgrade, Yugoslavia in 1975

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