Edward Paul Cecil-Smith

Edward Cecil-Smith
Date of birth: 
Tuesday, 10 March 1903
Marital status: 
journalist; machinist; editor of Communist Party of Canada paper
Toronto, Ontario; Kweiyang, China
primary school in China
Political affiliation: 
Communist Party of Canada, 1931
Affiliations to union and social groups: 
International Association of Machinists; American Federation of Labour; Young Men's Christian Association (1924-28)
Prior military experience: 
Sergeant-Major in the Canadian Army, engineer, 1921-28
Approximate date arrived in Spain: 
1937-02-17 sailed
1937-03-07 arrived
Trained at Madrigueras and attended Officer Training School; Washington Battalion, Company 2, Company commander; Mackenzie Papineau Battalion, Company 1, Company commander; Promoted to Mackenzie Papineau Battalion Commander shortly after Fuentes; Promoted to Major 23 January 1938 because of actions at Teruel; Served at Brunete, Fuentes de Ebro, Teruel, Segura de los BaƱos, the Retreats, and the Ebro Offensive
Final status: 

WIA 6 July 1937 at Brunete in left hand and left knee; WIA again in 'accidental discharge' while cleaning pistol at Corbera; Survived; Returned to Canada 4 February 1939 on the Duchess of Richmond; Sevred in Canadian army in 1939 but was discharged; Mackenzie Papineau Veterans Association (Toronto); Died in 1963

Disciplinary record in Spain: 
Tried to desert during retreats; It seems to have been covered up
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