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Conference: Spanish Civil War and World Literatures

This July, some of our project members will be travelling to London to present at an exciting conference hosted by the Univesity of London's Institute of Modern Languages Research. Spanish Civil War and World Literatures will be held from July 11 to 12. Check out the conference event page. Here are some presentations to look out for:

  • Patricia Rae, "On Not ‘Taking Sides’: Orwell, Spain, and ‘Late Modernism’" (keynote lecture)
  • Bart Vautour, "‘The Deed becomes the Word’: Canadian Poetry on the Spanish Civil War"
  • Emily Robins Sharpe, "Writing Women’s Work in Anglophone Spanish Civil War Literature"
  • Kaarina Mikalson, "Familiarizing Anti-Fascism: Domesticity in Middlebrow Fiction on the Spanish Civil War"

Our project members are looking forward to sharing their research with the international community.