2.1 It Ain't Ethiopia

Mon, 21 Oct 2018 09:00:00 AST

Canada and the Spanish Civil War co-director Emily Robins Sharpe talks about Jewish North American and African American participation in the Spanish Civil War, and the war's impact on Jewish North American and African American literature

Show Notes: 


W. H. Auden:  “Spain”

Find Canadian poets work on the Spanish Civil War in Sealed in Struggle: Canadian Poetry & the Spanish Civil War, Edited by Nicola Vulpe and Maha Albari.

Langston Hughes: "Letter from Spain" 

Fiction & Prose

Hugh Garner wrote one novel that included the Spanish Civil War, his depression-era novel Cabbagetown (1968). 
“The Stretcher Bearers” was one of his short stories set in the Spanish Civil War. To read about the edited versions, see Emily Robins Sharpe’s edition of Hugh Garner’s Best Stories (2015)
Garner’s memoir, which covers his own time fighting in the Spanish Civil War, is One Damn Thing After Another (1973). 

Mordecai Richler wrote many novels that referred to the Spanish Civil War, including The Acrobats (1954) and Joshua Then and Now (1980).

"This Ain’t Ethiopia, But It’ll Do” is a phrase taken from Oscar Hunter’s Spanish Civil War story “700 Calendar Days.”
Citation: Hunter, O. H. “700 Calendar Days.” The Heart of Spain: Anthology of Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Poetry. Edited by Alvah Bessie. Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, 1952, pp. 286-304. 

Esi Edugyan: Half-Blood Blues (2011)

John Williams: Clifford’s Blues (1999), Captain Blackman (1972)

Upton Sinclair: No Pasaran! A Novel of the Battle of Madrid (1937)

Ernest Hemingway: For Whom the Bell Tolls (1940)

African American Antifascism

Crabapple, Molly. "Hidden Fighters: Remembering America's Black Antifascist VanguardThe Baffler 35. 

Salaria Kea and her husband appear on the cover of the documentary film Into the Fire: American Women in the Spanish Civil War. Read more about Salaria Kea’s memoirs in this blog post by Emily Robins Sharpe.

The fourth African-American woman to participate in the Spanish Civil War was Louise Thompson Patterson, communist organizer.

The Double V Campaign: fought racism abroad and at home during World War II. 

Emily’s scholarship

On This Time a Better Earth:
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On John Williams and Langston Hughes:
---. "Tracing Morocco: Postcolonialism and Spanish Civil War." Ariel: A Review of International English Literature 49.2-3 (July 2018): 89-117. 

On Jewish-Canadian literature: 
---. "'The heart above the ruins': Miriam Waddington's Poetry, the Spanish Civil War, and Jewish Canadian Literature." Canadian Jewish Studies 26 (2018): 56-74. 

Jewish American Scholars:
Wald, Alan. “New York Novelists and Poets Respond to the Spanish Civil War.” Facing Fascism: New York and the Spanish Civil War. Ed. Peter N. Carroll and James D. Fernandez. New York University Press, 2007. 130-9.
Paul Breines


Recorded by Emily Robins Sharpe and Kaarina Mikalson Produced by Kaarina Mikalson Supported by Canada and the Spanish Civil War and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Intro music: "Libertad" by Iriarte and Pesoa Outro music: "Spanish Civil War Song" by Phil Ochs