2.7 Thomas Danek

Mon, 18 Mar 2019 011:00:00 AST

Kevin and Kaarina discuss the short and tragic life of Canadian volunteer Thomas Danek.

Show Notes: 
  • Typescript of Benjamin Goldring's articleThomas Danek in uniform
  • "Thomas Danek: Life and Death" by Benjamin Goldring, The Volunteer
  • Volunteer record for Benjamin Goldring
  • Coverage of Danek's death:
    • "Tattooed for Dieppe Raid Slain Bandit Identified Escaped From Nazi Camp." Toronto Daily Star 6 Dec. 1951: 2.
    • "Fingerprints May Lead to Second Holdup Man." The Globe and Mail 7 Dec. 1951: 5.
    • "Claims Dead Hold-up Pal 'Short-Changed' Him on Loot" Toronto Daily Star 8 Dec. 1951: 1-2.
    • "Violent Deaths of Gangsters End All Noves Found in Danek's Room." Toronto Daily Star 8 Dec. 1951: 2. 
    • "Got $75 of $443 in Four Robberies, Says Holdup Man." The Globe and Mail 15 Dec. 1951: 4.
    • "Jury Praises Constable in Slaying of Gunman." The Globe and Mail 29 Jan. 1952: 5.
    • "Heroic Constable Target of Praise." The Globe and Mail 27 Nov. 1952: 7.
  • Obituary for Saul Cohen: "Saul Newton, 85, Psychotherapist and Leader of Commune, Dies" New York Times 23 Dec. 1991
Written by Kaarina Mikalson Supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Theme Music: "Libertad" by Iriarte and Pesoa Photo: Toronto Daily Star 6 Dec. 1951