Volunteer of the Week - George Thomas

The volunteer of the week is George Thomas, an English-Canadian volunteer and university student. Thomas was born in the UK on February 25th, 1915 and immigrated to Saskatchewan in 1920 with his mother Ethel. Thomas's International Brigades file lists his later residences as Regina, Saskatoon, and Drumheller, Alberta. He sailed for Spain on October 16, 1937 and arrived on the 30th of the same month.

Volunteer of the Week - Elias Aviezora

The volunteer of the week is Elias Aviezora! Born April 15, 1894 to a Jewish-Belarusian family, Aviezon immigrated to Canada in 1913. He served in the First World War as an ambulance driver with the Canadian Army Medical Service. Aviezora's Canadian Expeditionary Force records say that he came to Canadian from "Mosesville, Argentina"—presumably Moisés Ville, Argentina, a town of Eastern European Jewish immigrants who left the Russian Empire in the late 19th and early 20th centuries to avoid anti-Semitic persecution and violence.

Volunteer of the Week - Harold Levens

The volunteer of the week is Harold John "Dirty Duke" Levens, a roofer, mechanic, and soldier born in Toronto in 1911! Levens listed his hometowns as Toronto and Vancouver, and lived for a time in the US, where he served 3 years in the US Army Medical Corps. Arriving in Spain in August 1937, he served with a medical unit attached to the British Battalion. Levens was killed in action on his 27th birthday, February 14th, 1938, at Atalaya.

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Volunteer of the Week: Harry Rushton

Albert Harold "Harry" Rushton was born in Manchester in 1891, and immigrated to Canada in 1912. He worked as a travelling salesman and briefly as a vaudeville producer in Chicago from 1917-1918. He served as a Staff Sergeant with the Canadian Army during the First World War. He lived in Hamilton and Toronto, where he was active in the Communist Party of Canada from 1930 onward, and with the Ontario Federation of the Unemployed. 


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